Frequently Asked Questions - Fueled by one profound vision, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical world. How? Let's explore together!

What is Akuma?

Akuma Origins is a generative art project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 5555 Yokai trying to find their way back home.
Exploring the outlines of Akuma in early September, we realised there is a huge gap between the virtual and physical world. We aim to bridge these two together by creating a decentralized brand that is easily recognizable in both real lives and the web3 space.

How big is the collection?

The Yokai will be released across the metaverse in limited quantity. The collection consists of 5555 Yokai.

What is the release date and mint price?

The Yokai will be set free on the 31st of March. Mint price for both whitelist and public mint will be equal and set at 0.055 Ethereum (Ξ) + gas cost. Our smart contract will be implementing the gas-efficient 721A-token.

Who is the artist?

Our artwork and story is created by Akuma's Co-Founder, Mateo Almonte. A very talented artist with a long and diverse portfolio, with experience in multiple fields and working together with artists like RhymezLikeDimez, Defaced Studios, Cochise, Off Canny, Jack Manifold, and many more.

Who are the Yokai?

In a distant universe, we witness a brave species called Yokai - folk known around the universe for their skills in battle, loyalty to the shogun and their brothers and sisters in arms. The vibrant realm attracts plenty of travellers, merchants, and fortune seekers.

Each trait featured in our Yokai is designed by hand and carefully generated by a custom algorithm to make sure every single Yokai is completely unique. We have implemented a system to make sure that no two Yokai look alike. Each is individually created and carries its own story.

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What's next?

we are laying the foundation for the future of Akuma and its community. The rift started showing cracks, freeing a spirit. We realized it was necessary to open the portal. We are going to need some help...

Still have questions?

Make sure to join our Discord to ask your questions directly to the team!