The gateway bridging the digital and physical world together.
An army of 5555 Yokai will be set free on the blockchain, roaming the realm. Owning a Yokai gives you access to the realm throught the portal. 

Simply holding a Yokai will give you access to seasonal airdrops, merchandise, physical and digital artworks, collectibles and more. While exploring the outlines of Akuma we realised there is a huge gap between the virtual and physical world. We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the community - creating, building and innovating together with the commmunity.

The realm is a place defying the rules and boundaries you know today, blurring the lines of reality and creating a phygital world.

A Yokai's long journey begins with one step.

You are looking for Micheal

Are you brave enough to enter?